Chassis Straightening

When you’re in an accident, there’s a good chance the chassis, the framework that holds the vehicle together, will be deformed by the force of the impact. Driving on a bent chassis will eventually render your vehicle immobile, and if you’re unlucky enough to be in another accident with a bent chassis, the results would be disastrous.

Here at Auto Accident Repair Centre, our expert technicians are equipped with Pro Spot chassis aligner equipment which allows them to return your vehicle to its factory specifications.

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Dent Repairs

No matter how carefully we drive, all of us end up needing some dent repairs at some point. Whether it’s a stray shopping trolley, a careless parking spot neighbour, or a serious smash, we all end up needing to visit a panel beater at least once in our lives.

Auto Accident Repair Centre’s skilled panel beaters can repair any and all dents, from fixing heavy smashes, to paintless dent repair for minor dings that haven’t scratched the paintwork. Paintless dent repair is great when it’s an option, as it saves you time (no need for repainting after dent repairs) and therefore money. The only drawback is that you need to find extremely skilled and experienced panel beaters, like the ones at Auto Accident Repair Centre.


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Spray Painting

Whether it’s the harsh UV rays of the sun fading the colour, or rain driving impurities into the paintwork, our weather is not kind to vehicle paint jobs.

Here at Auto Accident Repair Centre, our spray painters are equipped with a hermetically sealed spray booth that reduces contaminants, stocked with Du Pont paints and paint matching equipment to make sure you receive the best possible paintwork.

Whether it’s touching up the paintwork after some dent repairs, refreshing a faded coat, a whole new colour, or even custom work, our spray painters have got you covered!

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Auto Accident Repair Centre is staffed by car lovers, and there’s no job we enjoy more than deploying our considerable skills to help you with your passion project.

All of our experts are on hand to help you return your pride and joy to its former glory, whether it’s actual service, or just some friendly advice, we’d love to help!

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Other Services

We offer a wide range of other services here at Auto Accident Repair Centre, including, but not limited to:

  • Windscreen replacement
  • Fleet services
  • Customisation of car and bike parts
  • Custom rim painting
  • LED taillight smoking
  • Loan car available (subject to availability)
  • Drop-offs in the local area.
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