I’ve been in an accident! What do I do?

Firstly, we know it’s a shock to be in an accident – do your best to stay calm, and once you’re sure that everyone is ok, ensure that you get all the information you might need to make a claim such as the other party’s name, registration number, phone number and insurance details.

Once you have this information, you can start considering how to make your claim, or choose your panel beater.

What is Auto Accident’s Insurance Repair Process?

We follow a simple step by step program here at Auto Accident Repair Centre:

Step 1: Lodge your claim through your insurance company

Step 2: Request from your insurance company that Auto Accident Repair Centre perform the repairs

Step 3: Make an appointment with us!

Step 4: We will begin our repair process and keep you updated along the way

Step 5: Repairs are finished and you’re back on the road!

Can Auto Accident perform repair work for my insurance company?

Here at Auto Accident Repair Centre, we can work with almost all major insurance companies. Check with your company, but remember that most of the time you have a right to choose your repairer.